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Chengdu Cuisine
  Among Sichuan dishes, Sichuan snacks are the most popular around the country. Chengdu snacks especially enjoy the reputation of being the finest under heaven. With wide varieties, exquisite creation, strict selection, balance of color, smell and taste, Chengdu snacks cover the essence of Sichuan food (including over 200 categories). One third of the eateries around the city are actually snack bars, spread among large streets and small lanes. These snacks are considered the best in the country.

Zhong Dumplings

  The creator of Zhong Dumplings is Zhong Shaobai. He began to show his signboard for Zhong Dumplings in Lizhi Lane in 1993. The main distinguishing feature is the use of only minced pork, not other fresh vegetables. The dumplings are then doused with special red oil. It tastes a little sweet, salt and spicy. The taste is unique.

Mr. Lais rice glue balls
After starting business, it was common for rice glue balls to come with chicken oil. The variety of rice balls increased gradually, incuding fillings such as black sesame, sesame paste, ice tangerine, rose, bean paste, eight treasures, cherry and more. It shows various patterns and tastes. 

Long wonton soup
  Long wonton soup was created in the 1940s. At that time, Zhang Guangwu who was the boss of the “Nongnong Tea House” on Chunxi Road. He consulted with several people, who jointly invested in a shop serving wonton soup. He gave it the name of ‘Long wonton soup’ because the character means concentrated fragrance and also has a connotation of luck.

Han stuffed bun
  The Han stuffed bun, one famous Chengdu snack, owns a history of over 80 years since its creation. In 1914, Han Yulong, of the Wenjiang people, opened the Yuanlongyuan noodle food store in South Dajin Steet in Chengdu. It stood firmly due to its delicious steamed bun.