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Tennis Club
Photo Details: With four international standard tennis courts outside the buildings, the club can host all kinds of tennis events. Surrounded by green grass, trees and fresh air, the courts will take you away from the noise of the city. The fully equipped facilities in the club can provide you with ball rental, racket rental, line stringing and other services. The Tennis specialty store sells a variety of tennis gear, providing you with many choices. When coming here together with friends, you can have drinks or tea, and relax your mind and body by enjoying the warm afternoon sun. As long as you are a member of this club, you can use the shower and fitness equipment for free, and enjoy more personalized service. ITF International I-class coaches will give you a personalized training program, allowing you to greatly improve your skill. When swinging the racket, you will be able to alleviate fatigue and feel a return to the embrace of nature.