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Recommendation from the chief cook
Glory Lobsters Shiny dishes in golden plates doubtlessly express a sense of wealth and richness. Baby lobsters are sent to Chengdu by air everyday, which guarantee the freshness of the dish. But the home international hotel chef’s cooking style is the key to making this delicious. This dish will absolutely give you a surprise. The balls made of fried lobster meat look no different from some normal meat balls. But if you take a bite at one, some hot and tasty juice will slowly flow out of it into your mouth and the taste of it will fill your tongue with a touch of a pleasant stream and the smell of it will go through your nose like a gentle breeze. You are surprised because you will never expect to experience so much in such a small ball. A similar dish once appeared in a famous Chinese comedy which impressed a lot a people. But the difference is those balls are made of beef and it has a funny name called “peeping beef balls.” To copy this version, I think we can give our dish here another name “ peeping lobster meat balls.”