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Rose Garden
Wedding Price (Chinese style) per table only: 1699 / 1899 / 2008 / 2599 / 2899RMB ... ...

Happiness will set sail from Homeland International Hotel
We aim to provide a happy experience by our efforts and sincerity:
Reception Desk and flower decoration;
Crystal champagne tower;
Wedding car parking spaces;
Wedding reception with table cards;
Chief guest table with flower decoration;
Bride dressing room offer;
Two bottles of champagne provided ;
A six pound fruit wedding cake provided;
Guest’s own foreign wine, Chinese white wine and grape wine are free of service charges;
Guest’s beer and soft drinks charged 10% service charge per seat, according to the Food Standards ;
Wedding invitations 100 < flexible depending on the circumstances >;
Wedding reservations will be listed on the eve or the night discount price tickets;
Wedding day city bus (29) Free shuttle (single use);
A luxury honeymoon suite provided on the wedding day; if extended stay, the rates will be discounted 40%.