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Fontainebleau Palace
Photo details; Fontainebleau Palace has an area of 1,200 square meters, along with 4.5 meter high ceilings. It is decorated mainly in European classic white and light gold style, but also uses red, a favorite among Chinese people, as the secondary color. There are eight groups of chandeliers featuring 20,000 pieces of crystal in total. These hang among twelve arched mirror pavilions, creating bright sparkling colors and a luxurious setting. This setting can satisfy our guest’s needs for meetings, cocktail parties or banquets. Fontainebleau Palace has been specially chosen to host China's Ninth Western International Expo Fair. Among those attending the reception are: Vice President Wang of the automotive industry branch of CCPIT, commercial counselor of the Polish Embassy in China at the Geneva Malaikewei, Iraq Ambassador Bill Ismail Mohammed, Nigerian Ambassador Bassey U. Eyo, China General Chamber of Commerce representative Nie Yanling on behalf of Paris, France, and Japan-China Economic Association Chang Qing Chuan You Er.